WOHASU® Government Track

THE H-20 or “HAPPY 20”

Much like the G20 focuses on growth economics, the H-20 examines wellbeing economics. Social and cultural values differ among countries and within countries. Growth and GDP focus often disconnect policy from citizen aspirations. Science demonstrates the linkage between citizen perceived happiness and satisfaction in government performance.

Invited government leaders, economists, academics, activists, and researchers discuss wellbeing policy. Attendees share societal and national wellbeing policy challenges and good practices.

The H-20 focuses on “Smart Prosperity:”

+ Smart prosperity driven by policy simplification and the latest science
+ Smart social investment practices for lasting national peace and social cohesion
+ Smart economic returns from wellbeing and happiness policy

+ Smart orchestration of health, employment, education, and inclusion policy


+ Global policy lessons learned
+ Updates from the World Happiness Report
+ Roundtable discussions with policy thought leaders