We created WOHASU® to serve as a comprehensive platform to bring awareness about the benefits behind the science of happiness and wellbeing. We strive to educate individuals, businesses and civic leaders about the importance of learning and implementing data-driven tools and policies that can make people, organizations and communities happier.

Beginning with the first World Happiness Summit® (WOHASU®) in 2017, we have been delivering on our mission to spread the ripples of happiness to a global audience, and cultivate a community committed to co-creating a happier and more sustainable world.

We are both honored and humbled by WOHASU’s success. A variety of impacts can be seen directly from the outcomes of our programming, and indirectly through the new services, programs, events, businesses and foundations created by those who attended the Summit, fostering new ventures arising from the learnings and network acquired through the WOHASU community.

Happiness research and practices have many proven advantages that help optimize our actions and wellbeing. Through the World Happiness Summit® and WOHASU® Hub we connect a global audience with each other so that together we can co-create a more positive world.

Become an active participant of your life. Instead of letting life happen to you, show up to your life. We invite you to join the WOHASU® happiness movement.

I choose happiness.


In recognition of the important work and contributions made by WOHASU® LLC in organizing the World
Happiness Summit®, the Mayor of the City of Miami and the Members of the City Commission proclaimed March 19: WOHASU Make Miami Happy Day in the City of Miami

World Happiness Summit® (WOHASU®)

The World Happiness Summit® gathers the top experts in the science of happiness, positive psychology, policies, sustainability, economics, mindfulness, health and wellbeing to create an inclusive event that unites people from around the world with the goal of learning, experiencing and practicing science-based tools that assist people on the path to self-actualization, wellbeing and happiness.

WOHASU® is the organizing body behind the premier World Happiness Summit™ and H-20 Government Meeting focused on increasing wellbeing at the individual, community, corporate and civic levels. WOHASU® serves as a networking platform for attendees, experts and partners where new ideas are incubated and innovative programs and services are created.


The Happiness Event of the Year

More than 35 speakers

Network with likeminded individuals

An innovative coaching experience

11 breakout sessions and panels

Yoga and meditation practice

The best of Miami weather and vibe